About SpeedPoets

SpeedPoets is a community of writers, engaging people with poetry in a very public forum – at The Hideaway, 188 Brunswick St Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. It is a space for artists to meet, perform and establish networks within their local community.

There is nothing that specifically defines SpeedPoets. It is what it is – a creative space where many of Brisbane’s finest poets/spoken word artists experiment with words backed with music in a great venue.

The gig is held on the last Saturday of the month and runs from March to November each year. Each month there is Open Mic, a feature poet and singer/songwriter, a mini-feature by the Call Back Poet, Free Zines and other giveaways. The gig runs from 2pm to 5pm and entry is a donation.

11 responses to “About SpeedPoets

  1. changming yuan

    hi dear Editor, i am just wondering if you are taking open poetry subs via email at this time. if yes, could you please send my your guidelines? thanks for attention, and happy new year’s day!

  2. Saba

    I can’t help but wonder, what’s a poetry sub? Hello, sorry, hoping to turn up to your next event and seize an open mic opportunity, feeling awkwardly ignorant!

    • Hi Saba, sure hope you can make it to Brew on the 14th. Always a great afternoon of words and plenty of open mic opportunities! A poetry sub… well, that’s just short for a poetry submission. If you would like to send a poem to be considered for publication in the monthly zine you can email it to: speedpoets (at) yahoo.com.au

  3. Saba

    That’s great :) Thank you. I might come and read it out on the 14th and see if people reckon it’s worth publishing ;)



  4. Hi there, are you still holding SpeedPoets the first sat of each month from march through to november? i’m wanting too slink in and listen before i dare to grab the mic.

    • Hi Rachael, Speedpoets starts back on Saturday the 22nd Feb and is held on the last Saturday of the month through to November. Hope you slink in soon with a poem. Come and say G’day.

  5. Bri


    For the open mic, do we have to submit an email beforehand or do we just show up to the open mic? What is the time limit? Also, do our poems have to be fast?

    • Hi Bri, just show up and write your name on the open mic page. If you could keep it to a two minute poem it allows for the afternoon to tick along nicely. Hope to see you there. Come and say g’day.

  6. Ellie

    Is Speedpoets all ages to watch or is there an age limit?

    • Hi Ellie, thanks for your question. It’s open to all ages. Last month their were two young girls who performed a two voice poem about their mum. It was fantastic. The Hideaway is a bar and the poetry you hear may have language or content sensitive for little ears (if that’s a concern). Hope to see you there.

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